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2017-2019 BMW 530e B46 B48 Engine - Hybrid Performance Reflash Calibration Tune

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In the battle for efficiencies, BMW has come a long way with the hybrid platform. It might not be a weekend warrior or go to track monster, but the B46/B48 engine found in the 530e and x3 30e vehicles for sure is a responsive little powerplant that can pack a punch with the right optimization. Optimizing a hybrid platform is nothing like the standard tuning you would find on 530i. The key to a perfect solution is the smoothness of electric-to-fuel transition, smart battery charging and assist, torque distribution to driver demand and battery recharge, and 100s of other fundamental functions. 100s of hours of reverse engineering, rewriting, and optimizing the firmware has allowed us to bring to market a solution that is not just a small bump in power, but an all-in-one solution to transform your vehicle. The final product is further refined and optimized for the target conditions that the vehicle will be experiencing, as follows:

MP-91 Optimization: This optimization level is designed to work for customers that are limited by the low-octane fuels found at the pump. Even though this solution has undergone testing with fuels as low as 87 at 110F ambient conditions, we highly suggest only using 91 octane as a minimum. Customers with access to 92 octane also fall into this category. 

MP-93 Optimization: Not restricted by the low octane fuel, we were able to further optimize the software and safely produce an extra 40HP/50ft-lbs compared to 91 optimizations. For the solution, 93 octane fuel is required. 

MP-E85 Optimization: As always, we leave the best for last. Paying upward of $8 per gallon is heartbreaking when you can find E85 ethanol fuel at your local gas station for half the price. Until now, running such fuel in your hybrid was something you just couldn't do but not anymore! With this optimization, you can fill your vehicle with straight pump ethanol fuel and the software will adjust itself as it learns your ethanol percentage. This is an adaptive software that allows you to run ethanol levels from E60 all the way to true E85. On top of this, this optimization has a built-in failsafe function to be able to run 91/93 pump fuel in case of emergency. Please below for further description. 

Dyno graph explanation and extra info 

Even though we highly recommend putting extra effort into vehicle maintenance when tuning and running reduced spark plug gaps, we chose a typical 530e for the tests.  The test vehicle used for the development was a 2018 BMW 530e with 60K miles, dealer maintained at only regular scheduled maintenance intervals.

On our stock run, the vehicle produces a very healthy 231wh/286ft-lb at the rear wheels.

MP-91 is our optimization level designed for poor fuel quality, and yet, it was able to raise the output to 305hp/351ft-lb at the rear wheels. A very respectable 74whp / 65wft-lb gain.

Being optimized for higher octane, MP-93 was able to push the power even higher to an amazing 340hp/402ft-lb at the wheels. 109whp/116wft-lb of gains is nothing to joke about as output was increased by nearly 50%. With the industry standard 15% drivetrain loss, the output measured at the crank is 391hp. 

Finally, MP-E85 was one of our favorite performers as a power fell in between the 91 and 93 optimizations at 330hp/400ft-lb at the wheels. Leaving 30% for failsafe and buffer for the fuel flow, this resulted in a very safe and optimized platform.

The biggest optimization came from how the hybrid powerplant interacts with the fuel engine. Factory software took away too much energy from the fuel motor during charging (battery control) operation, making the vehicle border line unsafe to drive in certain conditions when power is required. That is no more! Not only was the charging function re-written, but we also optimized the hybrid to fuel handoff, making the function "smarter". Torque curves were optimized dramatically as well and the power fall-off after 4500 is no longer present, making this vehicle just come alive! 


We are known for our first-to-market to unlock and OBD flashing abilities and this platform is no exception. As of November 2022, every single firmware (yes 2021+ firmware included) is OBD unlockable and flashable. You do not need to remove the ECU and send it out to get the bench unlock. All you need is your windows laptop and eNet cable to perform the flash from start to finish

E85 Notes 

Being much cheaper than pump gas, E85 fuels do come with a big disadvantage, availability. Not every pump you fill up will have E85 supply and carrying a gas container with you is just not something we would ask customers to do. So for that purpose, our E85 solution has a failsafe buffer built in that allows a user to fill up with pump gas and drive somewhere close and flash the appropriate software for the current fuel being used. 

When it comes to fuel switching (E85 to pump or pump to E85), it is required for the user to drive the vehicle in a gentle fashion for a minimum of 10 miles for the computer to detect the current fuel mixture. After initial fuel change adaptation is done, this is no longer required after gas fillups.

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