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We stand by our product and offer replacement guarantee on all hardware or software components we sell. The replacement guarantee is valid for 30 days after you receive the product and we will pay your return shipment costs. We reserve the right to inspect the returned merchandise, and if found defective, we will send you a properly working unit. If the returned merchandise is not indeed defective, then you will be responsible for shipment costs to get the item back to you.


M-Link family devices are returnable, minus 30% restocking fee, in their original packaging as long as the M-Link has not been plugged-in or mated to a vehicle. After connecting the M-Link to the vehicle, the device gets locked to the specific DME and is not returnable.  

Software Purchases

If you have any issue with our software product(digital product), please contact us to have this issue resolved as soon as possible. In most cases, issues can be easily resolved via a team-viewer remote access and a software update. All you need is a windows laptop, DCAN (for Exx chassis) or ENET (for Fxx chasses), and a working internet connection. All remote sessions can be scheduled only Monday - Friday between hours of 8am and 4pm. 

If you were promted to enter vin number during checkout, then the software will be built and locked specifically to your vehicle identification number (VIN). Such software or license is NOT Returnable, and we can not issue refunds on ANY software purchases locked to VIIN number.. Also, we do not offer any refund on issues caused by buyer providing us wrong information when placing order such as vehicle identification number, vehicle options, and package options. Failure to provide proper vin number can result in your computer getting damaged. Also, trying to flash a different vehicle, other then the one you purchased the product for, can result in vehicle getting permanently damaged. 

If a software flash was purchased as a bundle deal with hardware product, we can only honor replacement grantee on the hardware component in case of issues. Under no circumstances can the cost of software be refunded as it is build specifically for each customer.

Fitment issue: If you have an issue with hardware fitment, please contact us with a VIN number of your vehicle and a list of any after-market components you have installed. All of our products are designed to work with OEM only components and not guaranteed to fitment aftermarket setups. If there is an issue with fitment, please let us know and we can send you a replacement to accommodate your needs.

Original shipment costs are not refundable.