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BMW Gxx / F90 M5 (S63, N63TU2, B58) MG1 OBD Flash Tuning Is no longer a pipe dream.

OBD flashing for Gxx models is finally here!


BMW Fxx F10 F30 F80 OBD Flash Tuning (No ECU removal required)

OBD flash tuning for BMW Fxx and some Gxx is finally here!


F80 M3 S55 Sport Display Calibration And Burble On Stage 2 Flash


F10 550i Stage 1 Tune With Sport Gauge Calibration

This is a stock hardware F10 550i running our stage 1 reflash tune with Sport Guage Calibration showing proper horsepower and torque readings. The vehicle produced 500HP/545ft-lb at the wheels with more headroom to play with. 


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