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  • BMW G20 M340i B58 Supra Flash Tune BMW G20 M340i B58 Supra Flash Tune
  • BMW G20 M340i B58 Supra Flash Tune BMW G20 M340i B58 Supra Flash Tune
  • BMW G20 M340i B58 Supra Flash Tune BMW G20 M340i B58 Supra Flash Tune

BMW G20 M340i B58 Performance Engine Flash Tune

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We are proud to announce an early release of performance flash tune for the G20 M340i and Toyota Supra produced before 06/2020. Our reflash was designed and meticulously perfected by in-house experts to deliver impressive gains with minimal expenses. Extensive improvements were performed to the software in order to provide significantly improved performance, great efficiency and unparalleled reliability.

-Flashable over OBD2 port.* 

-DME Tampering Shadow code disable

-Optimized Boost Control

-Optimized Valve Lift and Timing Control

-Extensively modified knock control to ensure reliability and safety

-Colder Oil and Coolant temperatures

-Custom mapping of the intercooler pump function in order to reduce IAT.

-Cold start and VMAX delete (Optional) 

-Burble (Optional) 

-EEPROM backup (Optional)**

and much more


ECU must be bench-unlocked prior to flashing. Customers have option of either:

1) Perform the ECU unlock on their own using alternative unlock service providers. 

2) Purchase our metal enclosure retail M-Link. (https://missiontuning.com/m-link-6/m-link.html)

3) Select M-Link Special Edition on this page. This M-Link is less expensive, slimmed down version of our M-Link that is not re-sellable and comes in resin body. 

As with any modifications that significanty raise the output of the engine, we highly recommend having spark plugs properly gapped. Suggested gap for Stage 1 and Stage 2 flash is 0.025".


*At the current moment, vehicles updated after 11/05/2019 will have a latest Anti-Tuning softare and will need to have ECU shipped to us for unlock service. Further flashing will be avaible over OBD2. Vehicles produced after 06/2020 (2021 model year) are not supported for either OBD or Bench flashing at this moment

**EEPROM area holds security keys, error memory, performance statistics and other vital infomation that is used by dealers during diagnostic. We have unique ways that allow us to be the only company on the market to offer our clients a full backup of the un-modified EEPROM area over OBD2 port. This data is stored on our servers and can be used by us to flash it back to the computer on the bench at our facility. The customer can also request this data to be transfered to them if they prefer to use their own shop of choice to have this data written back in.

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