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2018-2021 BMW G30 530e EV Range Extender

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Based on the great demand and support for our Original G05 45e Range Extender, Mission Performance is now proud to announce official support for EV Range Extension of the 4cylinder sibling found in the G30 530E chassis. After a year of extensive in-house development and real-world testing, we believe it's time to bring this amazing product to our customers. This product was developed as a "Flash And Forget" solution, allowing end-user a trouble-free and smooth operation. With that in mind, you still can easily switch between Factory, Level 1, and Level 2 optimizations using your standard eNet cable and windows laptop.

Factory: Fully Original settings based on your backup performed using our application.

Level 1 Optimization: This solution was developed with Perfect Ballance in mind of having extra range while preserving the most out of the battery life. With this option, your range is optimized, and depending on the current battery degradation condition, an extension of 20-25% is typical.

Level 2 Optimization: For those customers needing to safely get the most possible range, we offer Level 2 optimization. While still being daily use safe, this option allows the customer to extract up to 36% extra range. Though with deeper battery usage, it is understood that battery life expectancy will be diminished. With these cars being relatively new, there is still no concrete data on degradation based on miles, though we are seeing around 5-8% degradation on our customers with 100-120K miles.

Things to keep in mind: G30 Chassis had a "face-lift" for the 2020 models and BMW upgraded the actual EV battery from 9.2kWh to 12kWh. With that in mind, the range extension applies to both platforms, the 9.2kWh, and the 12kWh. As the result, a Level 1 Optimization for 2017-2019 models will raise the range from 16miles to 19-21miles while the same Optimization for the 2020-2021 models will raise the range from 21miles to 25.2-26miles.

Product Installation and Dealer Updates. 

The product is installed using a windows laptop and eNet cable, which can be ordered on Amazon. The installation process only takes a few minutes and the original backup is made of your factory image before the flash is set on your vehicle. In case a dealer or a repair facility updates your vehicle, you can flash your vehicle back to the optimization level of your choice since as of the 11-2022 iLevel update, BMW is not capable of locking out this feature.

Technical Data

At Mission Performance, we take pride in our work and the solutions we offer. That is one of the reasons why we are known to publish technical data such as logs, dynos, research findings, and so on. EV world being no exception, let us take a minute to share actual background data that was collected on the 2018 BMW 530e with around 60K miles. The vehicle in question showed 4.8% battery degradation on factory software and maintenance history was basic dealer-only maintenance. 

The tests for the Level 2 Optimization and Original software were performed on the identical road and 100 miles apart. 

Vehicle Setup as follows: 50% fuel level, tires at recommended pressures, windows up, AC off, the only driver in the vehicle, +/-5F outside temperature with very light traffic conditions. For both tests, the charging departure time was set to 1 hour before the scheduled test. The vehicle was driven from a full charge, on eco mode with EV drive set to full Electric Mode. The test was started when the vehicle left starting point, followed through a few traffic lights, and then drove on the highway close to posted speed limit until the battery ran out and the vehicle automatically switched to fuel mode. 

Data Collected

Factory Software: The vehicle traveled 22miles in the time of 1332seconds giving it an average of 59.46mph. Actual datalog data collected can be found below:


Level 2 Optimization: The vehicle traveled 30miles in the time of 1684seconds giving it an average of 64.13mph. Actual datalog data collected can be found below:


Test Notes: This was pretty much the most ideal scenario test and the factory test showed just that with 22mile output. The big surprise was the Level 2 Optimization as with a much higher average speed (optimal speed for the range is 55mph), it was still able to propel the vehicle to 30 miles, resulting in a 36% increased range under slightly inferior conditions compared to factory software run. With average speed evened out, the actual increase was an astonishing 40%.

Additional Information

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