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M-Link MG1/MD1 at Home Bench Backup - Recover - Flashback - Unlock

Quick Overview

The first and only patent-pending product that allows the user to take charge of their MG1/MD1 DME from the comfort of their own home.

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Latest Stock Update as of 5/6/2024

-Super License units are in limited stock but still shipping daily.

-Unlock Only units are out of stock. Estimated production time is June 3rd. 

-New Release: Discounted Special Edition M-Link and Flash bundle is in stock! Inquire at info@missiontuning.com

Say goodbye to wasted time driving to an unlock center, downtime while your DME is mailed to an unlock service, being stuck after a relock, paying for numerous unlocks, and risky banana plugs on your delicate DME….say Hello to Mission’s M-Link. An unlock tool and a whole lot more.

A first-of-its-kind purpose-built, device that performs four key functions: DME Backup, DME Recovery, DME Flashback ™ and full at-home DME bench unlock for a wide array of  BMWs and Minis (refer to application guide)

Originally developed in 2019 during our work with OEM partners (including Toyota), M-Link started its life as an in-house engineering tool for work on the latest DME used in late-model BMWs (and of course the Supra). During this time, a part of the M-Link's portfolio was introduced to our customers as EEPROM backup service, but physical hardware release was delayed due to world events. Over time, new feature sets were developed, and in 2023, Mission received patent-pending status for the proprietary technology in the M-Link. Now refined and re-engineered for the consumer, Mission is proud and excited to launch the M-Link. 


A first-of-its-kind, purpose-built device that performs 4 key functions on Pre-2021 Vehicles:

  • Unlimited Backup:  A recoverable mirror image of your DME in its current state.
  • Unlimited Recovery: Restores DME in the unlikely event an error occurs during the unlock process.
  • Unlimited Flashback: Restores the DME to any state in time a backup was performed.
  • Unlimited Unlock: Allows for the DME to be flashed by any tuning platform.

Unlimited operations on the vehicle of your choice. Vehicle license transfers are available. 


There is nothing more upsetting as having your vehicle warranty voided the second you start to modify it, even if the failure wasn't caused by the modification. For years this has been a very hot topic, and in 2019 we introduced EEPROM backup technology that addressed this serious concern. With years of improvements and development, EEPROM backup has grown into a DME Flashback technology by Mission. Long gone are the days of having the warranty voided! With Flashback, as long as the backup was performed before any modifications, you can always restore your vehicle to the initial condition and avoid the nasty dealer flags. From mirror-image restoration to black box/FASTA data reset, Flashback is the only option for customers when it comes to warranty concerns.


Designed 100% in-house in the USA, from the beautiful aluminum enclosure to the software, and the code, we have been using this technology since 2019 internally and with our OEM partners.

  • Aluminum enclosure (optional plastic version coming soon)
  • OEM DME plugs (no more risk of damaging the expensive DME pins).
  • USB-C power supply with onboard current monitoring network (No exposed wires or banana clips needed for a safe and secure connection.)
  • App and Internet independent.
  • ROHS wiring
  • Proprietary closed-source software for stability, redundancy, security and safety.
  • Internal DME backup (Never lose your original file)
  • End-User upgradeable firmware.
  • Flashback technology to minimize the chance of warranty flags. 
  • Transferable and resellable license and hardware.
  • US Developed, Engineered, and distributed.
  • US customer support 

License Choices

M-Link is an ever-growing platform that currently offers 2 license packages:

1) Unlock: Unlock license is a license package that is designed for customers looking to perform just the DME unlock. The unlock-only customers still get a full DME backup option, though limited to partial restoration related to Unlock memory segments only. 

2) Super License: Includes Unlock plus Flashback  features. Flashback licensed customers have the ability to perform a full and complete mirror image restore of their DMEs to the state at which the image was taken. During the flashback process, the DME gets flashed in two steps. At first, the OBD-Flashable memory area is restored. After that is done, M-Link goes to work and restores special DME memory segments that contain black box data such as FASTA data. Even though Mission can not certify and claim that this can prevent warranty flags, all of our customers that have purchased the original version of "EEPROM restore" in the past have had success with staying under the radar. Now includes free Battery.

Note: Wholesale licensing is available for dealer accounts. Please contact us at dealers@missiontuning.com

User manual and Technical Support

  • https://missiontuning.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MLink/pages/688383/M-Link


  • WiFi Enabled device with browser
  • USB-C compliant power supply certified for 1amp at 12v. User provided (or purchase battery accessory)

Supported DMEs: All Pre-June 2020 MG1 DMEs

  • B58 Generation 1 and 2 (G20, G05, F30, G30, Supra, etc)
  • S58 Generation (F97/F98 pre LCI)
  • B46 and B48 (G30, G20, F30-LCI)
  • S63 Generation 3 (F90)
  • B57 (G30 Diesel)
  • N63 Generation 3 and 4 (G05, G30, etc)
  • Mini with MG1 control modules

Additional Information

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